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By now you know that DevOps is beyond being just a buzzword. You have an idea what it means broadly, and what are some of its key benefits. 

• Better teamwork and collaboration across development, testing, deployment, and operations teams. 

• Faster time to delivery 

• Better agility and responsiveness


The upcoming meetup is for you if you are looking to experience DevOps beyond just the definition. We are preparing for you a half-day agenda that will help you understand some other facts and frequently asked questions around DevOps such as – 

• What does it take to initiate DevOps and make it successful? 

• How should practitioners begin? What’s the right approach to DevOps? 

• How’s Agile transformation connected to DevOps transformation? 

• What are the key concepts and tools used in DevOps? 

This is an introductory workshop on DevOps for beginners and practitioners. It will enable you to gain knowledge to be part of DevOps teams. We will also discuss and demo based sessions on popular tools like JUnit, Selenium, Mocha, Jenkins, Git, Maven etc.

Learning Credits: 4 SEUs (under category A for attending an event by a Scrum Alliance Endorsed User Group)

Target Audience 

This program is intended for hands-on practitioner’s developers, testers, architects, DevOps practitioners, Release Engineers and Systems Engineers.


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